Saturday, January 1, 2011

We're moving!

Well at least our blog is! We decided it was time to add Sweet Claire to "our little trio", so we're starting a new blog here. So bookmark or follow us at our new place!!

Farewell Our Little Trio!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Joy

I love my mantle. Every time I see it, it fills me with Christmas joyo I especially love my ornament stocking holders. I love the idea of each of us having a special ornament (made by Grandma Barb) to have year after year. I'm sappy like that :)

Aren't they pretty?

Dulu Designs

My name is Zoe. I have a shopping problem. I embrace that! It really doesn't help that I have somehow manged to surround myself with very creative, talented people. People like Dulu Designs. They have the cutest stuff...for boys even!!! It has inspired me to start planning Luke's 3rd birthday...I mean really, it's only 10 months away...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa part deux...and other stuff

Our playgroups Christmas party was tonight. Claire got ALL sorts of dressed up. She was fascinated with Santa's beard. We think she's trying to convince him that she deserves to be on the "nice" list!
Can the girl wear a tutu or can the girl wear a tutu!

Luke had a blast. Mainly because there were balloons and children to chase him! His two favorite things :)
Of course, we had a moment of panicked pleading in the parking lot when we got there. He was positive we were taking him to "school" and there was no convincing him otherwise. I wanted to cry. I hate that we caused him so much anxiety! So we were so happy that he jumped right in to play with "fun kids".
Ah, so happy. I adore this boy.
Balloon fight!

I asked Luke if he would like to see Santa. Of course, he said "No, mommy. No Santa today!"
So we sat on the floor watching the other kids climb on and off Santa's lap. Then Santa gave the kids candy canes. As soon as Luke saw this, he shouted "Sucrets!" and pushed through the pile of kids, perhaps stepping on one or two on the way, went right up the the Jolly old elf and got him a "sucret"! So I guess, this is my Santa picture of Luke this year :)
Sweet, sweet victory

Luke's crafts. He decorated the paper bag all by himself. He put the stars on his frame, and I didn't let him touch the painted ornament...that was Mommy's craft :)
It was a great night!

Didn't see that one coming...

My very curious 2 year old has left all the trees alone.

Guess who my problem is?t.r.o.u.b.l.e.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Everything

This next week is gonna be a busy one! So I thought I should probably post my holiday greeting now. Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be the happiest ever!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid December Catch Up

I can't sleep. That usually doesn't happen to me! I have a lot on my mind-friends, family, Christmas-and I just can't get it to quiet down enough to rest. So what's one to do? Update the blog with random pictures that don't require a lot of thought! And because I despise Blogger, these pictures are out of order, but I'm out of patience to rearrange them.

See! Nothing to say about this picture...sometimes, words just aren't necessary!
Last week was our mom's group cookie exchange. It was awesome! 16 different types of cookies. I stole these pictures from Heather's blog because (gasp) I left the house without my camera!
It was a tasty, sickeningly sweet, tummy aching, lovely night with the ladies.
Then we headed to Topeka to see family and I journeyed on to Olathe for a Christmas Par-Tay. Good times had by all. However, it's always hard on me going because it reminds me of everything I miss. I think that has a lot to do with my current mental state. But I digress.
Grandma and I took the kiddos to the Kansas History Museum. Most of us had a good time:) It took Luke a bit to warm up since he thought he was going to "school" :( Boy did we screw him up with Kids Day Out. Once he did start playing, he spun the Wheel of Fortune. Shocking news!!! A Tobia might be a Scientist! Crazy, huh?

See? Why does blogger do this to me? Imagine this picture next to the cookie exchange pictures.

Luke watched Elf (or about 5 minutes of it) for the first time! He REALLY enjoyed those 5 minutes! I believe this is the part where Santa shows up. Surprisingly, he was not this excited when he actually saw Santa.
Claire learned to blow spit bubbles. Gross. So now we will be coordinating bibs with outfits.
Ah, and back to Santa. Here we are at the Reindeer Romp. Santa was a no go for Luke, but he did manage to score a "Sucret" from the Jolly old man. I did manage to get a cute picture of Santa and Claire and then a family picture with a very distrusting looking Luke. I'll post it later.

Claire was thrilled to be in ANOTHER tutu! It's rough being this adorable. I swear, 4 strangers pinched her cheeks at this event! Seriously folks, it's flu season. Keep your grubby hands off my baby's face.
You wanna pinch em, don't ya?

Christmas Claire

I had big plans! That was my first mistake :) I decided to take advantage of a local photo place with a $9.95 package. I wanted ONE picture with both my children looking at me. So I scheduled the appointment, picked out the clothes, practiced "nice smiley faces" with Luke. We were ready. And then the morning of our appointment, Luke got the stomach flu. I rescheduled 4 days later...Luke still had the stomach flu. So I did what any good mother would do. I took my favorite daughter for a photo shoot alone. I should mention, I did this the day after Thanksgiving. I assumed everyone would be shopping. I greatly underestimated the number of families coming for pictures because everyone was in town for the holiday. It was packed and they were behind about 35 minutes. I was so glad I didn't take Luke!

Sweet Claire did awesome!

She did so awesome, instead of getting the $9.95 package, I spent $100. It didn't help that everyone waiting for pictures to be taken kept looking at my pictures on the screen saying "Oh, you HAVE to buy that one!".
Yes, she's adorable.

7 Months

I must have forgotten to blog about Sweet Claire's 7 month birthday because SHE CAN'T POSSIBLY BE 7 MONTHS! But apparently she is. And boy, is she busy!

Sweetness has mastered sitting, now she just needs to work on some defensive moves to avoid being tackled by her brother. She can get from point A to point B by rolling, inch-worming backwards, inch-worming on her back(which is interesting), and as of yesterday, army crawling in forward motion!

She is developing quite the palate and enjoying more and more foods! She still prefers fruit to her veggies, but she's getting better--still gagging, but less gagging. That's better, right?

Claire is one of the grabbiest (did I make that word up?) babies EVER. Nothing is safe within reach. And trust me, she will find a way to get it in reach! I don't remember Luke being that way. She is definitely a more inquisitive baby :)

I think this weekend we are finally giving up the baby car seat and installing the Big Girl Seat. Her dainty 20lb frame and the weight of the car seat are a bit much for my 34 year old back to be lugging around. I was hoping to make it through the winter so I wouldn't have to stand out in the cold buckling 2 kids in car seats, but no such luck! Why did I not get the minivan?!?!?

She's a sweet, happy, talkative little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Even if she is a horrible Momma's Girl. Which I secretly love!